Personalized Tax Strategy

At Fernandez-Bergnes & Associates, P.A., we specialize in Advance Tax Reduction Strategies for our clients. Our CPAs have received extensive education and training beyond what the typical tax professional normally receives. We are not the traditional CPA who focuses only on tax compliance, meeting applicable tax deadlines, and records the history you give them. As a Certified Tax Coach (CTC), we scour the tax code to bring you every credit, deduction, and loophole to work proactively year round so you pay the least amount of tax legally allowed.

We offer a free mini tax planning session that allows us to design a proactive tax strategy personalized to your goals and needs. Our clients make more money and pay less taxes by taking advantage of the law. But it takes more than just learning about the thousands of pages of tax code available to start paying less tax. You also need to structure these ideas into a plan of action. You need a team of professionals you can trust to give you the best tax advice and develop your proactive tax strategy.